DBA began in 1990 as a full-service public relations company focusing on the medical, health, environment, and education arenas. They have perfected the art of public relations and have helped numerous clients reach their goals to penetrate their marketplaces and win loyal customers and community support.

In 2005, DBA began a new focus supporting medical and health research, including medical and technical writing, statistical analysis, data management, and presentation (tables, figures, illustrations). While they have provided these services since 1990, they have redoubled their efforts to deliver medical communications with energy, expertise and excellence grounded in their robust experiences.

Best known for:

  • Communicating messages and results via traditional and non-traditional media
  • Orchestrating far-reaching, but targeted, campaigns to bring product(s) to market
  • Conducting market research and communications audit
  • Developing manuscripts to elevate evidence-based programs to publication
  • Presenting program results – in person, print, broadcast or online
  • Managing projects and bringing stakeholder groups together with unified action plans
  • Seeking and securing program funding
  • Assisting data analysis with SPSS (weighting, factor analysis, etc)
  • Writing and designing technical reports, campaign materials, online and print publications
  • Planning and implementing special projects, events and activities to reach client goals

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